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JA Jewellery
& Gold

Whether you’re a jeweller/retailer, gold bullion distributor or a jewellery manufacturer, your biggest challenge is most likely protecting your inventory.

Many insurers are reluctant to insure these businesses and premises, demanding substantial security investments as pre-conditions to do so. However, the investment needed to meet the demands of insurers is not only costly, but usually comes with hefty insurance premiums.

JA understands the unique challenges facing your business – and it’s how we’ve been able to develop technical and security measure innovations that drive the cost of insurance down. We’ve proud to have secured on-going relationships with hundreds of satisfied jewellers, distributors and manufacturers throughout the region.

JA Money Services

Of all the high-risk segments, money changers and remittance companies are deemed to be the most risky in the eyes of insurers. Businesses in this category are often declined insurance for that very reason. If you are active in these industries, chances are it must be challenging for you to get any insurer at all to quote on coverage.

JA were the first insurance specialists to make an effort to get to the root of the problem by gaining a deeper understanding of the business models of these services. We’re proud to say we’re now the market leaders in the region. Contact us for a quote on all your money services insurance needs.

JA Timepiece

If you’re a high value luxury watch dealer, the challenges you face are not unlike those of jewelers or gem retailers. To stay competitive and be successful in the category, the ability to deliver and ship these items securely, and with confidence, is critical. JA is unique in our ability to offer high value timepiece retailers comprehensive and economical insurance solutions. Get an online quote here or contact us about your individual insurance needs or for more information.

JA Pawnbroker

Most countries’ licensing authorities require that pawnbrokers be adequately insured. In the pawn category it’s critical to secure and insure assets that are owned by the public. These shop owners face challenges that other segments don’t – risks like unknowingly receiving stolen goods – often resulting in financial loss – and a high risk of theft by employees.

JA partners with pawnbrokers and pawn shop owners, helping to mitigate their risks by offering comprehensive insurance for their business.

JA Diamonds

We know that the traders of diamonds and precious stones typically carry and deliver these valuables themselves – within their countries, and even across international borders.Because of this and other risks, these high-value yet small-sized assets, are a tricky class of goods to secure. In the diamonds and gem stone businesses, reputation and credibility with owners, is crucial. JA has built strong relationships while earning the respect of key owners within the industry – empowering us to be able to underwrite this risk effectively.

High Value
Goods Transit

Jaguar Transit is the world’s first Insurtech to integrate on-demand embedded insurance, state of the art Hi-Tech Security Bags™, and user-friendly AI assisted smartphone technology,enabling us to make the transit of valuables simpler, safer and more economical.

Jaguar Hi-Tech Security Bags™ are included with each delivery and are instantly insured without the need for additional paperwork or coverage. With our risk management and artificial intelligence, we’ve reduced the need for added manpower or armed guards during transit. And the Jaguar mobile app lets you assign, operate, monitor and complete your trips worry free – entirely from your smart-phone. All combined, Jaguar Transit™ is typically 40% less expensive than other solutions.

We’ve worked hard to reduce the operational costs and risks for not only our customers, but the entire industry of transporting of cash, gold, jewelery and valuables.

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Haxsafe™ is the first cyber insurtech platform in the industry to integrate Cyber Insurance with Cyber Security. Our cyber security’s accurate, timely assessments and prevention expertise, energize Haxsafe's cyber insurance solutions. Depending on your industry, type of business, and risks exposure, Haxsafe™ can provide comprehensive cyber insurance protection.

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Our portfolio of niche insurance solutions, crafted to meet the particular needs of people - just like you


Doctor Shield™ is the world's first completely online professional medical indemnity insurance platform. Doctors and medical professionals can obtain liability insurance policies, purchased and administered instantly, with Doctor Shield's insurtech online platform and technology. The online portal calculates premiums for medical indemnity and medical clinic insurance coverage allowing users to purchase policies in only minutes. The specialized service allows efficient renewals, servicing and claims handling. Doctor Shield™ is a collaborative effort between Chubb™ and JA Assure and its policies are underwritten by Chubb.


Tate & Livingston™, unique to the world-wide relocation market, is a niche insurance platform created precisely to answer the needs of those who have made the exciting, yet challenging decision to relocate to and from, new futures wherever they are in the world. Tate & Livingston’s mission is to make the complete relocation experience, start to finish, as simple, worry-free and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we started by putting ourselves in your shoes instead of ours, including a fast, easy-to-use quotation, sign-up and interactive process that’s always available – always there when you need us.

Courier & Parcel

JA Assure’s Courier & Parcel was designed to assist jewellers aspiring to expand into the E-commerce market. Typically, the biggest hurdles they face in selling goods such as jewelery online, are all about logistics – how can I ship lesser value items to my clients, economically, but with the same confidence and security I expect with shipping high value items?

Courier & Parcel is our answer to the logistics challenge. At JA, no problem is too big (or too small) to put our minds towards offering innovative solutions for jewellers – everywhere in the region.

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