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JA Assure™ is a multinational niche market insurtech firm. We began our journey supporting niche industries 20 years ago in Singapore, and now provide risk management solutions for a large number of businesses and industries in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and across SE Asia. Determined to change the insurance experience for our clients, we have achieved a couple of “world’s firsts” – like our online calculator for insurance premiums servicing industries such as jewelers, diamond dealers, money services, pawnshops, remittance firms, luxury goods retailers plus others.

We’re the world’s first insurtech firm to offer healthcare professionals the ability to secure their medical malpractice insurance through an easy-to-use online portal. The portal calculates premiums for doctors, and their clinics, processing transactions in just minutes. We also work closely with high net-worth individuals providing products that protect their personal valuables, exotic motorcycles, and luxury cars and yachts. Additionally we offer strategic protection and planning against kidnap and ransom for those potentially at risk. Our cutting-edge risk management solutions are industry benchmarks and have been developed in partnership with world’s leading insurers.

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JA Assure is led by a team of world-class insurance industry experts and some of Asia’s best talent in online technology and AI assisted engineering. Many of our hand-picked team of software engineers, designers, and data scientists have previously worked at major companies in SE Asia and some have been with us since we started, twenty years ago.

Our leadership team are recognized thought leaders in the insurtech community. They play a significant role in our management process and serve as a sounding board for JA Assure’s management team and for our Doctor Shield, Tate & Livingston, Jaguar Transit, and Haxsafe brands.

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